Avante Dynamic Effect Mascara


Product Overview

Avante Dynamic Effect Mascara

Avante Dynamic Effect Mascara is a revolutionary product and has been cosmetically formulated to lengthen,strengthen and condition your lashes.

The Nutraceutical ingredients along with the hydrating and conditioning agents provide your lashes with nutrients and nourishment.  The smooth and velvet formula makes for an easy application.  The brush has been specifically designed to mimic the shape of the eye capturing and enhancing every lash

  • A revolutionary Mascara - 5ml
  • Black defining Formula
  • Avante Mascara has an active ingredient to help support longer lashes
  • Natural ingredients scented with Rose Flower Water
  • Nutritional vitamins to strengthen and hydrate the lashes
  • Smudge Proof
  • Easy application with a curved brush - designed to ensure that you capture all hairs across the upper and lower lids.


There are many reasons to have the perfect Mascara.

  • Do you play sport and find that your mascara runs, leaving dark smudges under your eyes
  • Wake up in the morning and find fibres from mascara on your cheeks
  • Dark rings around yours eyes from not removing your make-up the night before
  • Cheap Mascara that doesn't remove easy

NO MORE.....Avante Dynamic Effect is the Answer...



  • Remove excess mascara from the brush
  • Apply a fine layer to the lashes from the base of your lash to the tip and allow to dry (30 seconds)
  • Once dry apply mulitple layers as desired for maximum affect
  • With the brush defining the lashes, you can have your lashes as dramatic as you like.